Please review our grooming standards. We strictly adhere to them.

Employees are expected at all times to present a professional, businesslike image to guests and the public. Our policies were not designed to cramp anyone's style, but rather, support excellence in service to the mother who has just brought her child to their first Eldorables class to the teenager purchasing a snack in the cafeteria.  Acceptable personal appearance is an ongoing requirement of employment with Eldora Mountain Resort.

All employees must comply with the following personal appearance standards:

Employees are expected to dress in a manner that is normally acceptable in similar family-oriented, business establishments.
Your clothing should be neutral and non-distracting, relaxed, yet professional, and free of personal or political statements.  Shirts, pants, and hats should be neat, clean, and of a color complementary to your Eldora uniform.  Colors such as red, black, white, gray, khaki, and navy tend to work well with most uniforms.  The Eldora logo can be worn; otherwise, clothing should be logo-free.

Employees shall not wear suggestive attire, blue jeans, athletic clothing, leggings, shorts, sandals, novelty buttons, and similar items of casual attire since this clothing does not present a businesslike appearance. Shirt tails should be tucked in.  Suspenders should not be hanging below the waist.  Pants, including snow pants, must be worn appropriately around the waist.  Undergarments should not be visible throughout a full range of motion.

Hair must be neat and clean. Hair below the nape of the neck must be pulled back into a ponytail, or tucked completely under a hat. Hairstyles including, but not limited to, unnatural coloring of hair, Mohawks, or unconventional cuts and dreadlocks are not permitted.

Mustaches must be neatly trimmed. No beards are permitted. Goatees are permitted if they are grown in prior to starting employment; they must be neatly trimmed and no longer than one (1) inch. No muttonchops sideburns, Fu Manchu, handlebar, or other exotic mustache styles are allowed. Sideburns must be trimmed to the bottom of the ear lobe.  Face must be clean shaven everyday if you choose not to wear facial hair.

NOTE: For safety purposes, supervisors may exercise discretion in the enforcement of hair length for employees working around moving equipment.

One earring per earlobe is permitted while on duty. Because of safety considerations, hoop earrings worn while on duty shall not exceed the size of a dime.  Decorative dental grills ("grillz") on the teeth are not allowed.

Other Visible Body Piercing
No visible body piercing, other than earrings, is allowed. This includes tongue or nose piercing, and earlobe stretching.

All tattoos must be covered so they are not visible.

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